A new Flash animation tool

I know it is sometime since I wrote my last article, but in the past few weeks I really had my hands full. Besides working hard to offer the best customer support service I can for JumpeyeComponents, I helped my colleagues that are working on a new animation tool for Flash. This is the first tool of its kind… of this “magnitude”…

In the past few weeks the entire Flash department has worked hard on what will be on of our most complex Flash components: FlashEff. This animation tool will provide the combined functionality of the MovieClipTransitionEffect and TxEff components all together and much more. This is going to be the best animation component ever. Right now, we are in the beta stage with it and can’t wait to have it finished and released. For the first time, we are going to publish an API of the component so that other Flash/ActionScript programmers can create and publish their own patterns for this component.

If you would like to find out more about it and see it in action, a few of my colleagues (Gabi – our CEO, Raul – the CTO – head of the Flash department and Alin – our PR manager) will give demonstrations of the component at a few international conferences. Right now they are in Cologne, Germany, attending the FlashForum conference. We’ll also be present (maybe not personally) at a few other major conferences like FITC Chicago in June and Flashpitt 08 in October.